At Sahel Aviation Service, we believe our staff are the most vital part of our operation. Without dedicated, passionate and professional crew members, we would not be able to run a successful operation.

 Africa is a challenging environment to work in. Our operations often require our staff to be independent, responsible and assertive in what they do. We embrace those who’s values and work ethic align with ours. We are a team that work closely together, requiring staff to take on leadership roles, and make decisions confined by the law and company standards.

 Pilot Minimum Requirements

  •  First Officer- Type Rated
  • Commercial Pilots License
  • 500 hours total time
  • 300 hours multi engine time
  • 100 hours on type

Candidate first officers joining the company are required to work in the position as a flight operations assistant for the first 6 months before going on line. This allows the pilot to gain sufficient background knowledge of the company covering aspects such as safety management, quality assurance, administrative procedures and flight dispatch.

 Captain- Type Rated

  • Airline Transport Pilots License
  • 2200 hours total time
  • 800 hours multi engine time
  • 200 hours on type

Captain Upgrade

  • First Officers on meeting minimum experience required will follow a PICUS upgrade program.

Direct Entry Captain- Type Rated

  • No positions currently available


The required experience for the above positions may vary depending on client requirements and demand. To apply for any one of these positions please contact us via the following email address:


Making a difference in Africa, one flight at a time!