Company profile

• Air Charter and Contract Operator specialized in providing safe and reliable Air Services in topographically challenging environments

• Over 2 decades worth of Professional Experience

• Operational out of 4 bases in Central and West Africa

• Low response time for various air service applications

• Approved Maintenance Organization carrying out all levels of routine maintenance on Sahel Aviation Service’s fleet of aircraft

Sahel Aviation Services is:

• A committed Air Service Provider for the Oil and Gas producing industry, the United Nations Humanitarian Air Service and Resource Sector

• Operations in accordance with the Basic Aviation Risk Standards (BARS), the Aircraft Management Guidelines, (AMG, OGP Report 390) and the United Nations Aviation Standards, (UN AV STDS)

• Having many years of topographical experience in the Central and West African Regions whilst operating into remote airstrips

• In support of Emergency Response and Relief Operations

• Offering high flexibility in adapting its aircraft configurations for Medical Evacuations and Relief Operations in the shortest possible time

• Efficiently maintaining it’s aircraft fleet through it’s own approved maintenance organization with 30 years of experience

Sahel Aviation Service

 Initially founded in 1988, and now becoming one of the biggest, most trustworthy and reliable Air Charter and Contract Operators in West Africa. SAS is primarily based out of Bamako Airport, Mali, with a total of 9 highly versatile Beechcraft 1900 aircraft on it’s fleet. 7 of which are C series and the remaining 2, D series, with possible upgrades and bigger aircraft joining the fleet in the foreseeable future.

 The primary contracts in Mali are humanitarian projects throughout the entire country with the WFP and United Nations. Another being for the resource sector such as gold mining contracts with some of the biggest producers in the world. This includes gold runs, client transfers and executive charters.

 SAS is on call 24/7 and flexible to catering and configuration making just about any kind of request possible, from private charters to medical evacuations. The remainder of the SAS fleet is spread over the rest of West Africa at satellite bases such as Dakar, Conakry and Abidjan.

SAS has joined the future of aviation, implementing the “paperless cockpit” initiative by installing Electronic Flight Bags, (EFB’s) into each aircraft decreasing the work load and improving work ethic and efficiency.

 SAS also has the unique ability to operate out of remote uncontrolled airfields where published approach procedures have not been certified. SAS has developed their very own GPS Visual Guided Approach Procedures for these challenging airfields, making the approaches more accurate and reliable while improving safety, preventing unnecessary diversions, and reducing fuel consumption and flight time, minimizing the cost for the client.

Humanitarian Missions – Sahel Aviation Service have been providing safety and reliable Air Services to the UN Humanitarian Air Service, United Nations World Food Program and International Red Cross for the past 7 Years.

Mining Industry Support – With the success of the B190 and the excellent experience levels of our crew into remote airfields, Sahel Aviation Service is still the number one preferred operator by mining companies such as Barrick Gold, Ashanti and Resolute Mining.

Cargo Distribution – Sahel Aviation Service currently operates cargo flights with two AN26’s all over West Africa and is fully Dangerous Goods approved.

General Charter and VIP Flights – With our beautiful VIP layout of our Cessna Citation III and our ERJ145, Sahel Aviation Service, are no stranger to accommodating VIP flights across West Africa.

Making a difference in Africa, one flight at a time!